Maintenance and Support

Do I need to clean my Everything-Proof Altec Lansing Speaker?

We recommend rinsing off your speaker with fresh water after use in the pool or in salt water. This will prevent your speaker from rusting in the future. Dry thoroughly before further use.

What does my warranty cover and for how long is my warranty valid?

Your warranty covers products that fail to function properly under normal usage, due to defects in material or workmanship. Your product will be repaired or replaced at no charge for parts or labor for a period of one year. To obtain your warranty service please our customer service department at 1.855.292.4087 or

To receive your replacement speaker, you must have your receipt of purchase within a year and your damaged speaker must be mailed back. Please note that we do not pay for shipping.

Is my speaker waterproof?

If your speaker has an IP67 Rating, it is waterproof.

Before getting speaker wet, make sure that the charging cover is securely placed over the charging port and auxiliary port.

You’re charging cable and auxiliary cable are not waterproof and should never be used if it they are wet or if the speaker is wet.

What do I do if my product breaks during my warranty period?

If your product is under warranty please contact our customer service department at 1-855-292-4087 or at

Please have the name of your product, item number and receipt/proof of purchase handy.

What do I do if my Altec Bluetooth product is make a crackling noise?
Bluetooth is a radio technology, which means it is sensitive to objects between connected devices. To avoid cracking noises, it is recommended a distance of no more than the wireless distance with no major objects in-between.

Bluetooth and Wireless Pairing

How do I connect my speaker via Bluetooth?
  1. Power on your device
  2. Once powered on, the LED indicator light on the speaker should automatically begin flashing red/blue.
  3. Go to the Bluetooth Manager of your smartphone
  4. Turn Bluetooth on
  5. Select speaker


What is House Party Mode?

House Party Mode is the newest feature on select Altec Lansing speakers. It is the pairing setting that enables you to connect up to 50 speakers at once. This can be used to create a multi-room surround sound experience. You will have a parent speaker and multiple child speakers simultaneously playing music, creating the ultimate house party.


The following speakers are enabled with House Party Pairing:





How do I use House Party Pairing?

House Party Pairing is available on the following speakers:


  • IMW789
  • IMT802
  • IMW888s


Here’s how to connect:


  1. Power on your enabled House Party Pairing device
  2. Pair your parent speaker with your Bluetooth device
  3. Hold down the Bluetooth button for 1-2 seconds on your master speaker.
  4. Your speaker will then go into house party mode
  5. Power on any additional speakers – these speakers will be the child speaker and will feed off the parent speaker.
  6. Quickly tap the Bluetooth button on each child speaker.
  7. Allow for a few seconds of finding time


Please note that during the entire duration of your listening experience the Parent speaker must be powered on.


To disconnect a child speaker during house party pairing:


  1. Tap the Bluetooth button on the child speaker
  2. Once this speaker is disconnected from the other speakers you may turn off the speaker.


To adjust the volume, must use the volume up and volume down button on each speaker individually.

Can any speaker use House Party Pairing?

Not every speaker can use House Party Pairing mode – only enabled speakers will be able to connect up to 50 speakers.  The following speakers can use House Party Pairing:


  • LifeJacket XL IMW789
  • Sonic Boom IMT802
  • Super Life Jacket IMW888S
How do I use True Wireless pairing?

True Wireless Pairing is used to connect two speakers together. To use True Wireless Pairing:


  1. Power on both speakers
  2. Pair the first speaker with your Bluetooth enabled device
  3. On the paired speaker press the power button and minus button at the same time
  4. Your speaker will go into True Wireless Parent Pairing Mode
  5. On the next speaker, depending on the model either press the power button and the minus button at the same time or the Bluetooth button
  6. This speaker will go into True Wireless Child Pairing mode
  7. The two speakers will automatically pair together after a few seconds


True Wireless Pairing is available on the following models:


  • IMW258
  • IMW269
  • IMW448
  • IMW478
  • IMW578
  • IMW888
  • IMW458
  • IMW678
  • IMW778
  • IMW279
  • IMW389
  • IMW489
How do I perform a Bluetooth reset on my speaker?

Each speaker has a different way to perform a Bluetooth reset. The chart below will show you how to perform a factory reset on your model:

IMW257Quick Press Power and (+)
IMW258Quick Press Power and (+)
IMW448Quick Press Power and (-)
IMW477Quick Press Power and (-)
IMW478Quick Press Power and (-)
IMW577Quick Press Power and (-)
IMW578Quick Press Power and (-)
IMW579Bluetooth Button
IMW458Quick Press (+) and (-)
IMW678Bluetooth Button
IMW778Bluetooth Button
IMW888Bluetooth Button
Can a True Wireless speaker pair with a House Party Speaker?
Unfortunately, True Wireless Pairing and House Party Pairing are not compatible and will not pair together. A True Wireless Speaker will only pair together with another True Wireless Speaker and a House Party Speaker will only pair with another House Party Speaker.
Which speakers can pair together?

House Party Pairing pair up to 50 speakers together:


  • IMT802
  • IMW789
  • IMW888S
  • IMW478S
  • IMW578S
  • IMW579S


True Wireless Pairing pairs 2 speaker together:


  • IMW258
  • IMW269
  • IMW458
  • IMW678
  • IMW778
  • IMW478
  • IMW578
  • IMW888

Power and Charging

How do I charge my Altec Lansing speaker?

To charge your Altec Lansing speaker, locate the charging port – the location of the charging port differs on every speaker – the charging port is typically located on the back or on the bottom of a speaker. Plug in included charging cable and connect to a power source. If your speaker is charging, it will be indicated by a red LED light displayed on the front. Once your speaker receives a full charge the LED will no longer illuminate. Never charge your speaker if your charging cable or speaker are wet.

Which charger does my speaker use?

A few of our models use different charging cables. Please see the list below for a breakdown:


  • Mini H20 – Micro USB
  • Baby Boom – Micro USB
  • Jacket H20 – Micro USB
  • Mini LifeJacket – Micro USB
  • LifeJacket – Micro USB
  • LifeJacket XL – Micro USB
  • Super LifeJacket – 16V 2A DC
  • OmniJacket – Mini Micro USB
  • OmniJacket – Micro USB
  • OmniJacket Ultra – 16V 2A DC
  • Sonic Boom – AC Power Cable
What charger do my earphones or headphones use?
All Altec Lansing headphones and earphones use a universal micro USB charger.
How can I extend my battery life?
To ensure you get the maximum battery life out of your Altec Lansing product, we recommend that you fully charge your speaker before using. Fully charge your speaker before removing from the charging cable. We also recommend that you use only the provided power supply unit or charging cable.


Where can I buy replacement eartips?

All our earbud eartips at Freebit Eartips – an internet search can provide you with a couple of options. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Where can I purchase a mount for my speaker?
Unfortunately, we do not have speaker mounts available for separate sale. Our speakers are compatible with any universal ¼” mounting bracket. An internet search can provide you with a lot of options!